Industry of Music


Dance Music (Electronic): DJs combine dozens of tones to a piece of music to create unique music, which is commonly referred to as EDM. You can hear them in clubs or even live, depending on your location’s availability. Electronic dance music was popular in the early 1920s thanks to Jamaican dub music, Kraftwerk’s electronic music, […]



SMALL CHORDS A root note, a minor third, and a perfect fifth make up a minor chord. A minor triad is a chord made up of only these three notes. The notes C-E-G, for example, make up a C minor triad. To make more complicated chords, you can add notes. CHORDS THAT HAVE BEEN REDUCED […]


The next highest or lowest pitch of the same note is called an octave. An octave is the distance between a note and a note with twice the frequency. On a piano, for example, an octave above C1 is C2. C0 is one octave lower. In the octave, there are 12 semitones. Throughout the human […]