timmy sǝlls His soul “Brand Image”

"A computer-generated world bearing a near-identical resemblance to the one we know arouses a sense of unease in the person viewing it.”
Def. uncanny valley

Centered around the uncanny valley principle, and rooted on the net, Timmy Sells His Soul is an audio/visual project by Daniel Euphrat, from Washington DC, USA. Having previously collaborated with acclaimed audio/visual artist KOKOFREAKBEAN (Adult Swim, Funny or Die), the Brand Image EP paves the way for Dan on his own artistic and conceptual path. With these 3 songs, Dan is placing himself at the heart of Weird Facebook, vaporwave, glitch art and futuristic electro-pop.

Immersing yourself in the tracks sends you into a warped, virtual disco set in a Blade Runner-style robot future. All 3 tracks mix computer generated (Vocaloid) vocals, 90s r&b samples, bright layered synths and pop song structures and melodies. A weird mix sonically, the pop influences render the otherworldliness infectious and danceable.

Dan created the artwork to reflect the digital dystopia. The EP’s trailer was made using software commonly used by architects for mapping out designs prior to construction.