˥ᴉqɹɐɹʎ m u s i c

Art by Kyle Lion and Bigwigfatcat

Presenting the new Sunshower EP "Pop, Folk, World & Country".

This release explores the relationship between music and the corporate world. In this half-life, music is described in radically over-simplified terms such as pop, folk, world and country. Such descriptions are necessary in the business of library music (music manufactured for visual media) so that non-diegetic music may be findable by non-musically-minded corporate video producers and editors.

Statistics from ILikeMusic.com, a music search platform aimed at the broadcast media industry, reveal that 90% of the most searched terms by users have no relation to music whatsoever; such as "sport", "entertainment", "neutral", "suspended" and "news" to name a few. The chasm between the song titles and music itself, illustrates the disjunction between conventional musicological language and the approach, language and thought process employed by corporate video makers in their search for background music to accompany their work.