Mitch Wade Cole // Electric Bath Duck

Art by Mineral Lick

Mitch was influenced by night long sessions listening to the radio, recording tapes and playing computer games on the Megadrive and Playstation. His first foray into composing electronic music was the Music 2000 PS1 game and Nokia Ringtone creator on his 3310 mobile phone. It wasn't until Mitch was 17, when he got his first PC, that he was able to get a copy of Reason and began to learn how to produce. He subsequently got involved in radio, podcasting and releasing others’ music through The MUD Collective in Leicester.

Mitch’s style always slants towards the experimental and his unique, slick productions are known to jump in and out of styles spontaneously. Now based in Brighton and having created a large body of remix work for underground dance labels such as Shimmy and Numerology Records, he is concentrating on his original productions starting with the Electric Bath Duck EP out in Spring 2015 through Not Like That.