IMYME // Nimbus

Based in Sussex via Wales, Joe Isherwood began writing and releasing music at the age of 15. After several well-received acoustic releases in his local Shropshire, Joe started composing on computers and slowly grew into the brilliant engineer, editor and producer he is today.
Musically, Isherwood has crafted a sound rich with eclecticism which stems from a mind-set focused around experimentation. Electronic and acoustic seamlessly mixed, Imyme creates sounds designed to make you smile, think, escape and nod your head. For him, any one of these reactions make it all worthwhile. Thanks to the internet, Not Like That discovered him in early 2014 and now bring you Imyme’s latest materiel; mature beyond it’s years, the 3-track “Nimbus EP”.
The EP was released digitally on the 27th October 2014. ‘Auziry’, the lead single, will also come with a stunning video by animation / loop artist Rosie Roche.