Cute Club EP (for London Pride 2k17)

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From the beginning Not Like That has been an open project giving people from all races, genders and sexual orientations a chance to shine in a narrow AV and underground electronic music world.

This year we've taken that message further and actively promoted the diversity within our community. We're throwing a Pride afterparty with a LGBTQ+ lineup, which launches our Cute Club EP of tracks by queer artists. All this with the support of VFD and London Gaymers who are making the party their official late-night hangout.

⊹⊹⊹⊹ TRACKLIST ⊹⊹⊹⊹
Karnage - Paid (prod Fork and Knife)
Toasty - Radical Wizard
Space Candy - My Brand™ ft Braz_OS
Ivy Hollivana - Broken ft Ricco Harver
Strider - SLAYY
[Bonus Soundcloud Track] GFOTY - The Argument (Matra Magic remix)
[Bonus Soundcloud Track] Ehiorobo - Limeade (Ghozt remix)


Art by Water Spirit