AV Gaming Party w/ Joypad

£8 Early Bird Tickets [SOLD OUT]
Standard Advance tickets £12.50
On the door £15.00

Following the success of their EGX Rezzed afterparty with Vice Gaming, Joypad's retro gaming, twitter trending, dance-off inducing #Superwarehouse gaming party IS BACK!

With over 1000 retro games, all selectable via the meme-tastic twitter wall, the best pre-release and party indie games, all set to the vibiest live music and DJs this side of Dalston: #Superwarehouse is a party like no other.

So grab a ticket, because lets face it, drinking, dancing and gaming just go well together! - (Sorry youngsters this event is 18+)

MUSIC & LIVE VISUALS - Not Like That Takeover
Not Like That is a London-based record label and AV club night specialising in electronic internet music and bright, colourful visuals. Technology and creativity are brought together in a fun and open environment to celebrate the broad spectrum of digital art.

Mitch Wade Cole
Slow Shudder

VJs & Projections:
Jack Addis & Mannn Nonnn
Rosie Roche
Mineral Lick

Play anything from our library of 1000+ retro games, we've got consoles spanning 5 decades of gaming history, play on the Atari 2600, Master System, NES, Megadrive/MegaCD, SNES, Saturn, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube and the Original Xbox
Play an old favourite or try something new, all you need to do is tweet your choice to our Twitter wall and a member of the Joypad Crew will come and load up a some nostalgia!
Get ahead of the curve, you can take a peek at our 'games bible' which lists every game we currently have available at joypadbar.co.uk/Joypad-Arcade - click on the "Games Bible"

Get your hand on something a bit different, we'll be announcing our latest indie game lineup over the coming weeks...

...Plus returning #SuperWarehouse classics;
Vectagon - Vectagon is a procedurally generated arcade survival racer inspired by the likes of F-Zero, Rez and Dyad; which plays like a 3D Super Hexagon.

Turnover - A local multiplayer game for four players that's intended to be played top down. Each player has a different direction of gravity and plays the game facing that direction. The four players compete against stealing the ball and holding on to it till their timer reaches zero. The first player’s timer to reach zero wins.