Not Like That came to be in the SoundCloud heyday, the epoch of vapor. We are one of the first generations of millennial internet artists. The SoundCloud community was a melting pot of future funk, club music, synthwave, NxC, future bass, beats, grime and footwork (et al). As a result, the Not Like That catalogue is broad in underground electronic styles, with a common thread of sparkly fun and pop culture references. This commitment to melting-pot-experimentalism is also reflected in the artworks and videos, which take inspiration from nostalgic futurism, glitch, industrial design, software UIs, video games and many other sources - yet always feels distinctly us. We will always be committed to exploring new ideas and technologies, and making new creative trends our own.


Volunteering opportunities are available, please get in touch below.
For any licensing, remix, collab, publishing, bookings or house parties please contact Henry.
Our parties are documented by Daniel Moreton who you can find at danielmoreton.com

We are proud members of Resonate

Henry Prince
Label Manager
0785 323 8773
Andrew Perring