Not Like That is a production company with a particular α ℮ ṧ ⊥ н ℮ т ḯ ḉ
_working primarily with electronic music artists.

The kind of work we produce includes 360 video, projection mapping, graphic design and motion graphics, installations and more.

We work on campaigns including individual singles, albums or shows, to realise striking and original content designed to cut through the ɴ̶̸̲̅ᴏ̶̸̲̅ɪ̶̸̲̅s̶̸̲̅ᴇ̶̸̲̅. We flesh out concepts, create content, tailor marketing strategies and facilitate digital distribution and event production. Each social channel we exist on is filled with content so be sure to check them out and follow us.

We have had work featured widely and across mediums including; Press (The Guardian, Mixmag, INSERT, 1833, NestHQ, 405, Acid Stag, Soundplate, Tiny Mix Tapes), Radio (BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, Reprezent), in iOS games, Spotify playlists, TV series and more.

Past clients and collaborators: Moving Castle, Baron Lanteigne, Hackney Arts, Curve Digital, Laced Records, datafruits, Morgan Hislop, JACK댄스, LDN Gaymers, Joypad, NXCMansion, Merci Jitter, Raquel Meyers, Bobby Tank, Tristan Jalleh and more.

Not Like That is run by bigwigfatcat who has worked in the music industry for 10 years, been a graphic designer and occasional video artist for 6, a digital rights activist and graduating law school in 2020.

Not Like That came to be in the SoundCloud heyday, the epoch of vapor. We are among the first generations of millennial internet artists. [SoundCloud gen] melting pot of future funk, club music, synthwave, NxC, future bass, beats, grime and footwork (et al). The Not Like That catalogue is broad in underground electronic styles, with common threads of sparkly fun and pop culture references. This commitment to experiments in POP is reflected in the artworks and videos, which take inspiration from nostalgic futurism, glitch, industrial design, software UIs, video games (et al) - yet always feels distinctly us. We will always be committed to exploring new styles and technologies, and making creative computer tools our own.


Our parties have been documented by Daniel Moreton who you can find at

We are members of Resonate for a fairer music streaming future.

Henry Prince
0785 323 8773
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